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Holographic Fan

Gives 3D projections the attention they deserve

What is a holographic fan?

The holographic fan is a 3D projector on which beautiful 3D holograms can be displayed. This solution is one of the most compact methods to create a holographic illusion. Thanks to the quality of the light, the projection is always clearly visible, even in strong daylight. In the video on the right you can see a number of possibilities of the 3D projections.

Holografische molen

What are the possibilities?

The holographic fan is available in various colors and sizes. Thanks to the smart software, different mills can be linked to create a larger projection. The possibilities of the product are "endless"; 2D and 3D are no problem. Because our team can create customized content especially for you, the holographic fan provides the perfect interpretation for your exhibition or showroom. The image show the quality of the projection.

Linked Holographic Fans

Thanks to the special software of the holographic mill it is possible to create a "holo wall". This is combining multiple holographic reels into a larger holographic projection.

The advantage of the holographic wall is that the frames are much less visible. This brings out the hologram effect better.

Are you looking for a solution that allows you to make the distinction that will undoubtedly be talked about?

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