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Interactive floor

Grab the attention in one step!

What is an interactive floor?

An interactive floor is a projection that signals movements and responds to them. For example: kicking a ball on our projected soccer field, water that wrinkles in places where people walk, logos or images of your product that slide to the side, tiles that fall down or other visuals that playfully take a visitor to your exhibition or shop floor. They are used to display information and attract visitors.


The interactive floor can offer you several benefits. It offers a fun, interactive solution for your customers, and makes your company stand out (during a trade show, for example). In addition, the interactive floor will ensure that your message is transmitted in a way that potential customers will remember. The price of the interactive floor depends on the size of your floor and the type of content. The size of your interactive floor projection depends on how high your ceiling is and on which solutions you choose.


The interactive floor is often used at trade fairs, showrooms, museums, zoos and more.

Interactieve vloer

How does it work?

Motion is detected via an included infrared camera. The iFloor software then converts the detected movement into an animation on the floor. The sensitivity of the IR camera can be adjusted on a case-by-case basis, as well as the way in which the elements react.

For example, images can be projected onto the floor that haunt passers-by when they enter the floor, leaves that move aside when people walk on the floor or tiles that turn around. But also consider playing a game of football or playing a different game. The interactive floor not only entertains and informs the user, but also attracts the attention of all passers-by.

Custom software

As one of the few companies in Europe, Vision2Watch uses self-developed software, so that we can quickly adapt the content to your corporate identity. What do you think of fishing in the colors of your logo, complete with the name of your company on it, or an aircraft in your house style, including a logo?


With every system delivered, you also receive an extensive library of content elements, grouped in various themes. For example, you can fill the floor with interactive hearts around Valentine's Day, or use an ice effect in the winter. Due to the simplicity of the software, you do not have to have the specific technical knowledge to update or adjust the content.

Interactieve vloer
Interactieve vloer

The mechanics

The mechanics Vision2Watch only uses professional projectors in interactive floor solutions.

The type of projector depends on various factors, including the distance between the projector and the surface and light influences.   Thanks to the specific projectors that we use with the interactive floor software, it is possible to control up to 6 projectors from one media server. This creates an interactive floor projection that stands out!   ​ 


  • Software: the interactive floor software offers the following functionalities Interactivity in combination with the IR cameras Sensitivity of the cameras is adjustable (due to the light intensity in the environment)

  • Warping: with this tool, we can also project on curved surfaces Edgeblending: this tool is needed when multiple projectors are used

  • Various effects that can be applied within the interactive floor software Installation on location Various Service Level Agreements

  • Computer: depending on the chosen solution Infrared cameras: here too the number depends on the desired solution

  • Fixing system: we can mount the projectors on a ceiling bracket, but the projectors can also be concealed in the ceiling by using our mirror plates

Are you looking for a solution that allows you to make the distinction that will undoubtedly be talked about?

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