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Transparent screen

From now on you are not only looking at a screen, but also right through it! 

How does a transparent screen work?

A transparent LCD screen is actually a combination of 4 elements: a housing, a transparent LCD display with the right lighting, the physical product and the content.


The physical product is placed in the housing. This is perfectly highlighted by the internal lighting in the housing. The correct content is shown on the LCD, with play between transparent images and non-transparent images. In this way you create a magical interaction between physical product and content.


The LCD uses ambient light, without internal backlights. The only lighting in this system is the LED lighting in the housing. This makes this system very energy efficient, cost effective and more reliable than other screens of comparable size.

Transparant scherm

What does it do?

You see both the product and the animation around it. Touch techniques can also be added to make the whole even more exciting!


This is good news for entrepreneurs who:


  • Want to show their products in an innovative, creative way

  • Want to dress their window, foyer or display in a different way


With these new techniques, products such as a watch, bottle of shampoo or the latest mobile phone can be placed in the housing, while the features of the product to be displayed are displayed on the screen.

Technique and specifications

The transparent LCD screen is available from 10 ″ to 70 "


  • Integrates physical product promotion and "virtual" content functionalities

  • possible to be supplied as a touch system

  • possible to be delivered as a standalone or network enabled

  • a lightweight and sustainable solution

  • optionally available with touch screen

Transparant scherm

Are you looking for a solution that allows you to make the distinction that will undoubtedly be talked about?

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