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Virtual chef

The virtual chef turns the waiting time between dishes into an experience

What is the Virtual Chef?

The interactive restaurant table of the restaurant Le Petit Chef and Dinner in Motion have drawn attention to various social media. By using a projection on the restaurant table, the table is transformed into a special experience within their restaurant.

On the table you can see in a playful way how a little chef prepares the dishes for his guests. Thanks to the customized animations, the little chef can copy the menu. The chef's meals correspond to the restaurant and the waiting time is filled up in a playful way with a unique show.


It is often expected that this is done with augmented reality. Since there is no screen between the guests and the table, this is not the case. By using 3D mapping, the chef is accurately projected onto the table. It looks like a mini chef is preparing the dishes.

Eating in a virtual environment

For restaurants it is even possible to change the whole atmosphere of the restaurant. This can be done through, for example, a combination of a table projection and wall projection, the restaurant can be transformed into different worlds.

The virtual chef table projection is a good example of applying 3D mapping in combination with projection in a restaurant.

The video shows a comparison between the content and the table in practice. It is also clear that the Virtual Chef seems lifelike

How does the virtual chef table projection work?

The table is transformed into a unique show via table projection from above and 3D mapping. The table is arranged as desired. Subsequently, a map will be made of the objects on the table based on photos. In this way an animation can play around a plate, a vase or the cutlery, for example. The accuracy of the 3D mapping in combination with the customized animation makes it look like a little chef (Petit chef) is preparing the dish.

Virtual chef

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