Interactive bar

The Interactive table offers a challenging, touch and motion based entertainment solution.

How does the interactive table work?

The special interactive surface technology transforms an ordinary bar into a touch and motion oriented display. One or more projectors including IR cameras are placed above the bar. Thanks to our custom-made software, the projection is perfectly aligned with the bar, whatever its shape. Links can be made to Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter, photos can be exchanged with each other via Bluetooth, you name it!


This interactive table / bar brings your showroom or exhibition stand to life. This way your products can be placed on the table. As soon as a passerby picks up the product, the interaction takes place in the form of an informative video, for example.

What can the interactive table do?

The Interactive Bar from Vision2Watch brings the normally static bar to life by providing information and entertainment to all visitors. It is namely a solution that responds to movement. This can be the glass that you put on the bar, or your fingers that touch the bar, starting a game. The interactive bar turns any bar, restaurant, night club or disco into an interactive spectacle. Ordering drinks has never been so much fun!


In addition to making the bar interactive, it is also possible to use Interactive Projection on the tables. View the menu, place orders and view information about the restaurant and surrounding area directly on the table. Or let your children watch a movie while waiting. Everything is possible!

What are the benefits for your company?

  • It offers your customers interactive entertainment and information

  • It offers you an innovative platform

  • Is easy to operate

  • Generate extra income through advertisements

  • It offers you the opportunity to convey your message in a unique way

  • Customized content

  • Can be perfectly aligned on the bar / table, whatever its shape


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