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[EN] Interactive floor - Ministry of Defence at Dreamhack

Dreamhack is one of the largest gaming events in the Netherlands. According to the Guinness Book of Records, Dreamhack is even the world's largest Lan party. The Ministry of Defence has asked Vision2Watch to install an interactive floor at event in Ahoy Rotterdam.

The goal of the interactive floor of Vision2Watch was to attract the attention of passers-by as much as possible. Thanks to the installed motion sensors, the floor animation became interactive as soon as passers-by walked over it. This was made possible by our custom software and by using our projectors. This has ensured that passers-by stay longer on the stand to take a look and / or try out the floor.

Interactive floor at gaming event Dreamhack

The Ministry of Defence was very satisfied with the result of the floor. For example, it was indicated that the floor was tested countless times every hour and attracted attention. Many passers-by stopped to see how it all worked. In short, a great success.


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