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Holographic - What is a 3D hologram projection?

More and more attention is being paid to holograms at trade fairs. The 3D hologram is increasingly being used at events. Vision2Watch uses a hologram in different ways. The examples of hologram for rent and purchase are further explained below including an explanation of the price and costs.

What is a 3D hologram?

Holography is a technique to give a 3D effect to an image, object or person. Thanks to the incidence of light, this 3D projection seems tangible as a spatial object. Examples of 3D hologram projection can be found below.

The Holobox from Vision2Watch offers a unique experience that is also very compact. Pepper's ghost technology has been used within the Holobox. Pepper's ghost is a trick to create the illusion of a ghost appearance (or hologram). For example, a product can be placed in the Holobox at a trade show. We then make a 3D holographic projection around your product.

Price varies based on different parts, such as the size, quantity, details in content and rent / sale. More information about buying and renting a Holobox.

In a holographic projection, people, products or other objects in actual size are projected on a special transparent screen. This creates a 3D hologram using our software. By using special techniques it seems as if the object or person is floating.

The hologram is available in various sizes. The price of a 3D hologram also depends on various factors in the holographic projection. More information about the costs of creating a hologram are available on request via the contact form at the bottom.

The holographic fans of Vision2Watch are a compact solution for creating a 3D hologram. Because several fans can be connected to each other, it can be carried out on a small and large scale. The 3D Hologram projector is suitable for clubs, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, gyms, airports and much more!

Below is an example with a single holographic fan device. To create a larger image, different fans can be linked to a larger holographic display.


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