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Now our HEREweHOLO minis are also available. The mini Holobox is perfect to take with you everywhere and is easy to set up on location. The mini Holobox is suitable for countless possibilities. Think, for example, of our mini box as an order & payment system in your favorite coffee shop, or a hologram in our mini holo box that gives you advice in various clothing stores. Or how about entertainment for children? Interactive games will keep you entertained all day long! You can place the mini holoboxes at trade fairs, shops, museums or simply on your desk. What makes our mini Holobox special? The box is compact, lightweight, affordable and easy to use!


The interactive HEREweHOLO mini is now available

  • Full HD holographic quality

  • Plug & play connection

  • Integrated webcam

  • Box dimensions: 500mm x 250mm x 230mm

  • Live interaction with audience

  • Highly responsive touchscreen front panel

Are you looking for a solution that allows you to make the distinction that will undoubtedly be talked about?

Do you want to be in several places at the same time? Then HEREweHOLO is really something for you!

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