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Interactive catapult

Be a kid again with the interactive catapult

What does the interactive slingshot do?

Take your customer back to your childhood when you played mischief with the kids in the neighborhood with the Slingshot from Vision2Watch. This system combines the “old-fashioned” catapult with the latest technology. Type a text on the touch screen in the catapult, aim and your text will be “hurled” on the wall.

Let's start by saying that when you use the slingshot, you are holding a unique product that we guarantee will attract a lot of attention. The Slingshot is extremely interactive and addictive. And let's face it: isn't it much cooler than a rack of folders?

Interactieve katapult

How does it work?

The Interactive Slingshot is programmed to project a message onto the wall via a Wi-Fi connection. The user holds the slingshot in one hand and types a message on the touchscreen with the other hand. Then the user pulls the rubber band back, aims at the wall and releases the rubber band. The message then virtually flies against the wall.

Thanks to this playful and interactive way of communicating, it is possible to attract the attention of customers and passers-by, among others. This way, customers will stop at your exhibition stand sooner to take a look.

What does the catapult offer you?

  • It offers your customers a fun, interactive and free “wait softener”

  • Boosts your business, product, service and reputation

  • It makes you and your company stand out from the dull, gray crowd

  • Give the customer an experience to remember

Interactieve katapult

Are you looking for a solution that allows you to make the distinction that will undoubtedly be talked about?

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