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Hologram projection

Make an impression with a holographic projection

Holographic projection, what is that?

With this product solution, people, products, or other objects are projected at full size on a transparent screen. With special effects, projected in high resolution, your product or message is shown in the best holographic visual projection. This product solution is ideal for the retail and architectural industry and often used for trade shows.

What can the holographic projection do for you?

  • It offers a possibility to communicate with potential customers 24 hours a day

  • It is easy to install and requires little maintenance

  • Flexible in content, dimensions and effects

  • Also available with touch screen

  • Available in different sizes

  • Stable software and hardware

  • For purchase and rent

  • Available with both standard and customized software

Holografische projectie
Holografische projectie

What are the possibilities of a hologram?

This solution is also available as a touch screen, making an interactive 360 ​​degree tour of the product possible, for example. Touch screens are available in dimensions from 35 to 134 inches. Larger dimensions are available on request. The price of the holographic projection varies based on the various options.

Pepper's Ghost

A Pepper’s Ghost is an illusion technique that creates the impression that something is semi-transparent. You can also make the object appear and disappear. The effect is being used in the theaters for over one hundred and fifty years, but it also occurs frequently in feature films and attractions.


Well-known examples of Pepper’s Ghost are "Spookslot" in de Efteling, where four ghosts and their violin are shown to the audience.  Moreover, the Pepper Ghost is also used in the ballroom scene, the attraction Haunted Mansion and Phantom Manor in the famous Disney parks. Several of Pepper's Ghosts can be seen here in a 27-meter-long scene.

Holografische projectie

The Pepper's Ghost has also made its appearance in the music industry: think about the concerts in which long-dead singers such as Elvis Presley and Tupac were suddenly "conjured" on stage again.

The effect is achieved by means of a special transparent foil that is placed between the viewer and the scene. One or more projectors are placed which are invisible to the public (often under the floor). Part of the light from the projector is captured by the foil, creating the illusion that someone is actually standing. You can also imitate this effect in your car: when you place a piece of paper on the dashboard, you see the reflection in the windshield.

Are you looking for a solution that allows you to make the distinction that will undoubtedly be talked about?

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