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Interactive shop window

Turn your shop window into an interactive play area!

How does the interactive shop window work?

A lightweight transparent Touch Foil is mounted directly on the window on the inside of the window. As a result, the system is not sensitive to any damage that third parties cause to the window. A projector, LCD or LED display is mounted behind the foil. This equipment is connected to a computer on which the desired application software and content is installed.


Passers-by can look up information about your company, product or browse a catalog on the street. It is also possible to combine this solution with our through-glass speakers, so that the visuals on the shop window can be combined with street noise.


If desired, we can also link this system to our motion detection system: when someone walks in front of the window, a video will be started automatically.

Interactieve etalage
Interactieve etalage

What does it do?

Do you have a shop window and are you looking for new ways to attract consumers' attention and to captivate and retain customers? Then the interactive display window of Vision2Watch is an experience in itself. We transform your shop window into an interactive medium that people can operate by hand.


Consider the many possibilities this offers: you have a medium that communicates with your customers 24 hours a day! Get the attention, deliver information and sell your product. Your brand experience is guaranteed to be unique! And better yet: you are ahead of your more conservative competitors.

Interactive shop window for you?

  • It attracts the attention of potential customers 24 hours a day

  • It promotes your business

  • It can generate revenue through ad sales

  • It communicates your message in a unique way

  • It is exciting & fun

  • It generates a "call to action" with a proven increase in traffic and sales

Interactieve etalage
Interactieve etalage

How does a touch foil work?

The Touch Foil from Vision2Watch uses projected capacitance technology. It consists of a plastic foil with an almost invisible grid of wires that leads to a controller. When a person touches the window, a change in the tension field is detected. The controller then calculates the X and Y coordinates and forwards them to the computer, which registers the touch as a touch.

Are you looking for a solution that allows you to make the distinction that will undoubtedly be talked about?

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