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Holographic representation in life-size format


How do I end up in this box? I'll tell you that. This is a holographic presentation in the new HEREweHOLO box. HEREweHOLO offers unique holographic experiences. Holograms are displayed life-size like you've never seen them before! The holograms are unprecedentedly clear during day and night, both live and offline. The HEREweHOLO box features an exceptionally clear picture combined with a sensationally controlled sound. You are everywhere with just one power connection!


Out of the Box

HEREweHOLO is the way to get attention. Surprise the audience in a way that will keep all eyes on you!

Via a holographic display in life-size format you make à la minute contact at any desired location. Even if these are miles apart! HEREweHOLO offers an innovative holographic experience where you can tell a story with a live connection or pre-recorded images. The HEREweHOLO box can also be used as an interactive touchscreen. The box is therefore multifunctional.

Are you looking for a solution with which you can make a distinction that will undoubtedly be discussed? Do you want to be in several places at the same time? Then HEREweHOLO is for you!

Interact worldwide

How would you like it if your lifelike hologram is displayed and can engage in real-time conversations wherever and whenever you want? That would be cool, right? With this you can really leave an impression! HEREweHOLO ensures that you are connected to the rest of the world from one location. Your appearance is projected through a 4K holographic display. This image cannot be distinguished from the real thing.


The HEREweHOLO box offers you the opportunity to connect live with customers and take your hospitality to the next level. Surprise with a groundbreaking application of marketing and mixed reality and make people remember you. With HEREweHOLO, the possibilities are endless.


Are you looking for a solution that allows you to make the distinction that will undoubtedly be talked about?

Do you want to be in several places at the same time? Then HEREweHOLO is really something for you!

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